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WELCOME! Thank you for visiting. You are invited to thoroughly browse through this website to get better acquainted with how we can help you. At Dr. Ferrelli's, we are not just your average podiatrist. We are passionate about getting you back to happy, healthy feet. We all know, "When your feet hurt, everything hurts!" Our goal is to keep you moving without pain. With over 20 years of experience, this office has seen thousands of foot ailments and is anxious for the opportunity to assist you as well. You never need to be embarrassed by your feet, we welcome any foot condition with open arms. We are confident that you will feel the warm and friendly atmosphere that so many of our current patients have commented about. And during your medical care, you can trust that our medical staff will try to make your feel as comfortable as possible. Compassionate and empathy for your foot problems are our priority. And remember, YOUR FEET ARE OUR BUSINESS.

Everyone, especially children, should be evaluated in order to ensure good foot health! Most foot problems begin when we are very young however they do not become symptomatic until we are older.  We could avoid many problems such as bunions, hammertoes, heel pain and ankle weakness if our first visit to the podiatrist was at age 3.

It is so important to be evaluated at a young age, especially if our parents or grandparents have foot deformities because most foot problems are hereditary.

It is also essential that diabetics and those with poor circulation be seen on a regular basis due to their chances of increased infections.  Lastly, it is not normal to have foot pain; you should see a podiatrist to diagnose the problem.

So what exactly is a podiatrist?